"Miss Lisa has great energy and keeps the kids entertained while teaching proper technique. Great intro to ballet and tap. My daughter loves Mondays because its dance class day!"

"My daughter loves to go to Miss Lisa's class. In only a few classes, she has learned so much. Miss Lisa makes the class fun."

"Miss Lisa has great ideas for the girls to have fun, exercise and learn ballet and tap. I prefer her class then the dance studio. She is able to work and help each student. My girls can't wait for her class."

"[My daughter] loves Lisa Lee's classes. She tailors her instruction to the needs of her students. She praises the students specifically, and she is building their self esteem as well as teaching the specific dance movements! This is just what we have been looking for in a dance class!"

"Miss Lisa creates an engaging class that incorporates not just ballet and tap skills, but public speaking and fun. My daughters have shown improvement in poise and balance and always leave class smiling."

"We are really enjoying this class. I'm watching my daughter blossom and learn a beautiful, graceful art through creative, interactive games and group participation."

"Lisa is an amazing dance teacher. She makes it so fun for the girls. We are so blessed to be part of this awesome class."

"My daughter loves to go to Miss Lisa's class. In only a few classes, she has learned so much. Miss Lisa makes the class fun while teaching ballet and tap skills my daughter will use in many years to come."

"My 2 1/2 year old loves Miss Lisa's class. I love the repetition. She practices at home and shows everybody that will watch all of her dance moves."
-Cindy M

"Miss Lisa does a wonderful job keeping my 2 1/2 year old's attention. My daughter is always so excited to go to 'dancing class.'"

"This class is a wonderful introduction to dance, but my 3 year old is also learning to follow directions, take turns, listen to the teacher and other important skills. She loves it – and so do I!"

"My daughter absolutely enjoys Mrs. Lisa's dance class. She learns so much about dance and friendship each week."

"This class is amazing! My daughter loves to come to class every week. She wakes up every day and asks if its 'ballet day.' She has learned so much. Miss Lisa is a wonderful teacher!

"My daughter loves this class. Miss Lisa teaches the techniques in a fun way. She keeps the girls busy doing new things so the girls don't get bored."

"Miss Lisa is a great teacher with tons of patience and knowledge! My daughter loves coming to dance; she has so much fun. I love how its a very casual environment. Miss Lisa is awesome!"