Creative Movement and Ballet classes are designed to be interactive and fun. Your kids will be running, jumping and weaving through obstacle courses, freeze dances and various exercises. After this class, your kids will be tired! Creative Movement and Ballet is designed for both boys and girls from ages 1 1/2 – 3. Some very easy ballet and tap movements are incorporated into this class. They include the following ballet techniques: 1st – 3rd positions, plie, releve, tendu, tiptoes, bourree turns, passe, arabesque, chasse, cambre; and the following tap techniques: chug, marching, gallop, toe taps, heel taps and brushes. This class is an excellent start for transitioning little ones into ballet and tap classes. Mommy and me participation is optional.

The children need only wear comfortable clothing (leggings are great, no jeans), but most of the girls come in leotards and/or tutus. Ballet shoes are preferred and can be purchased at dance stores or Walmart.

Classes are offered in 10-week sessions, but children can join at any time. There is no recital for Creative Movement and Ballet class, but family and friends are welcome to come watch any time. There is no need for children to be potty trained for this class.

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