Ballet and Tap


Ballet and Tap classes focus on introducing kids to basic ballet and tap movements while giving them a passion for dancing. Freeze dance and other fun dances are sometimes included as well to keep it light and entertaining for the kids. Each session of 10 classes includes many new skills and dances with new music. Ballet and Tap classes are 45 minutes long and cost $15 each. For a 10 class session, the total would be $150 plus a $25 one-time registration fee.  Parents are allowed to sit in the back of the room to watch the lesson.

The only required attire for this class are ballet shoes and tap shoes, which can be purchased at dance stores, Walmart, Target and some Payless stores. The dancers need only wear comfortable clothing (leggings are great, no jeans), but many of them come in leotards and tutus. We have several different classes for ages 8 months – 12 years, and there is no need for children to be potty trained to join this class.

Classes are offered in 10-week sessions, and enrollment cutoff times vary by session.  Recitals take place twice a year in May/June and December.  The cost for each recital varies depending on the cost of the costumes but for ballet and tap, the dancers typically have two costumes, perform four dances on stage and the cost is between $90 – $125.  This price includes the costumes and one ticket.  Our recitals take place at the Boynton Beach Community High School Theatre.


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